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10 Interesting Facts about TV Series Friends

It’s been 20 years since we first met Ross, Rachel and the gang. Time to find out the coolest facts you’ve never heard about everyone’s favorite New Yorkers.

10 Most Famous Alien Abductions

Are you sceptical about aliens? Well take a look at these creepily convincing stories of 10 Disturbing Alien Abductions, and you might change your mind.

10 Weird Comic Books

Forget Spider-Man & Batman, have you ever flicked through a copy of Leather Nun? Discover more with 10 Bizarre Comic Books.

10 Dangerous Banned Toys for Kids

Suffocating hammocks, child-eating dolls and lethal lawn games have all made it into the 10 Banned Toys that Killed Children. Watch the clips discover more about the games you should really avoid at playtime.

10 Wikipedia: Banning policy

Heavy metal music, weed, and radio stations have all been deleted from Wikipedia. Watch the clip to find out what the authorities have tried to stop you learning about.

10 Hardlest and Indestructible Animals

They can survive fire, ice and even the vacuum of space. Discover the weird and wonderful world of animals that can live forever.

10 Next Steps in Human Evolution

Will we get taller, will we start to grow bigger eyes, will our brains get smaller and will we one day be able to live forever? Find out as Alltime10s tackles 10 next steps in human evolution…

10 Mind Blowing Theories about Afterlife

Terrifying underground hells, heavens on earth, and vicious punishments could all be waiting for us after death. Watch the clip to discover 10 mind blowing theories about the Afterlife.

10 Weirdest Towns in the World

From a circus town in Florida to a Dwarf metropolis in China, Alltime10s takes you around the globe as we look at 10 of the most bizarre places to live on the planet.

10 Fascination Facts about Spiders

Are you scared of Spiders? If not then you might well be by the end of this clip. Discover the terrifying facts about one of the most feared creatures on Earth.

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