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10 Ridiculous and Stupid Myths about Fast Food

Scared you’re eating worms in your burgers and eyeballs in your chicken nuggets? Then put your mind at rest with10 Common Myths about Fast Food.

10 Most Important Vaccines in Human History

Meet the superheroes of modern medicine! Since its creation in 1796, vaccination has been saving millions of lives from gruesome infectious diseases, like smallpox and measles. Deadly pustules, internal bleeding, pneumonia, and coughs so hard that you’ll break ribs. Discover the vaccines that helped you escape death from loads of terrifying diseases.

10 Nasty Germs that are living in Your Bed

Catching some germs after a hard day’s work? You’ll be itching to get out of the covers when you find out who’s been spending the night. Two of the most important and expensive investments in your home are your carpet and your mattress. But there are hidden germs lurking in two of the places you and your family use the most.

10 Strange Paranormal Phenomena

Chilling ghostly noises, mysterious deaths and a pair of terrifying twins can all be found in 10 Strange Paranormal Phenomena. Watch this video to discover more!

10 Reasons why Sugar is Bad for Your Health

You might love the taste of soda, candy and chocolate, but did you know that sugars are hiding HIV and triggering mental illnesses. Discover the dangerous word of sugar!

10 Fascinating Things that reaklly heappend after someone dies

We might not all agree about what happens in the afterlife, but we can be certain about what happens to our bodies after we die. Watch the clip to find out the disgusting disintegration that will happen to all of us.

10 Facts You Need to Know about Ebola

It’s the terrifying illness sweeping the globe, but how much do you really know about Ebola? Discover vicious symptoms, catastrophic outbreaks, and the sadistic bioweapons.

10 Magic Everyday Foods That Can Get You High

Some apparently innocuous and surprisingly everyday ingredients can have strange side effects.

10 Weird and Nasty Medical Therapy That Could Save Your Life

You probably wouldn’t eat a fish or drink a frog smoothie if you were feeling ill, but most of people will. Watch the video and discover the 10 Most Nasty Medical Treatments that Could Save Your Life.

10 Ways Science Could Make Humans Immortal

Will humans ever live forever? With these technological and new discoveries, maybe one day… From Robot Avatars to Scientists Manipulating Molecules, we present 10 health technologies That Could Make Humans Immortal.

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