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10 Weirdest Towns in the World

From a circus town in Florida to a Dwarf metropolis in China, Alltime10s takes you around the globe as we look at 10 of the most bizarre places to live on the planet.

Think your hometown is strange? Check out our top 10 weirdest towns in the world! You may think your town is normal after seeing some of these.

10Canadido Godoi – Brazil

700 twins live in the town of 6.600 people – a twin birth rate 1000% higher than the global average. Residents claimed Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele had given women twin-inducing drugs in the 1960´s.

09Gibsonton, Florida – USA

A Florida town home to retired circus performers where elephants and monkeys live in front yards. All “The Giant” and his wife Jeanie “The half Woman” were its first residents, measuring 2.4m and 76cm respectively.

08Centralia, Pennsylvania – USA

An underground fire ignited in an abandoned coal mine since 1962 will burn for 250 more years. leaking sulfur and prone to sinkholes, the majority of the 1000 residents evacuated, leaving only 10 behind.

07Noiva do Cordeiro – Brazil

A largely female-only town founded in 1891 by a woman exiled from her home for adultery. The few husbands and son over 18 are forced out of the town to work in the city 60 miles away.

06Monowi, Nebraska USA

When Rudy Elier died in 2004, he left his wife Elise as the sole resident of Monowi. She named herself mayor and runs a library and tavern, having appointed her own liquor license.

05Manshiyat Naser – Egypt

Manshiyat Naser, known as “Garbage City”, garbage collectors dump trash from Cairo in the town. Residents recycle 90% of rubbish 4x higher than most western recycling companies can achieve.

04Miyakejima Island – Japan

Sirens frequently blare and all citizens carry gas mask due to an active volcano constantly spewing toxic gas. Between 2000-2005 the island was abandoned due to huge eruptions, 1/3 is still off limits.

03Coober Pedy, Australia

Coober Pedy is an opal mining town where residents live in underground caves to avoid extreme temperatures. Residents surface at night while its cooler to play golf using glow in the dark club and balls.

02Kunming – China

Set up by a group of dwarves to escape discrimination, all residents must be under 1.29cm. In 2009 they transformed the town into a tourist attraction and now dress like fairytale characters.

01The Villages, Florida - USA

The Villages is an age-segregated town. Under 19s are banned and all homes must include 1 person over 55. 101 women to every man, STDs are rife and there is a black market for Viagra.