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10 Common Misunderstandings about Islam

It’s followed by more than 1 billion people across the world, but despite being a loving and peaceful religion Islam is often seen as a controversial faith. Learn the truth with 10 common misunderstandings about Islam.

10 Incredible Events That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

From children helping the homeless, to the couple reunited after 60 years serparation, we’re tracked down the 10 stories guaranteed to warm even the coldest of hearts.

10 Reasons to Lose Your Faith in Humanity

Do you sometimes feel like living in the world full of humans, but no humanity?
Most of the things that I see and heard is how evil humans are toward each other. Human in nature are evil and selfish though I know there are still good but it seems like evil outweigh good. Lately there are things happen in my life which lessen my belief on positive things and losing my faith in humanity.

10 Weird and Interesting Facts You Should Know About e-Bay

Want to launch a space shuttle? Go to eBay. Want a new car – eBay… Looking for a magical potion? … Maybe not… Discover the 10 weird and interesting things about eBay.

10 Weird and Interesting Things You Should Know About the Penis

From a man whose penis fell off after he injected cocaine into it to the world’s largest one, check out 10 weird and interesting facts about the Penis that will Blow your mind.

10 Facts You Should Know About Middle Earth

Bilbo Baggins is back in the cinema as we’ve finally reached the end of The Hobbit trilogy. So here at All Time 10s we thought it was the perfect time to discover more about Tolkien’s creation with ’10 Facts You Should Know About Middle Earth’.

10 Terribly Crimes Commited By Famous People and Celebrities

These 10 celebrities may be admired and praised for their talents, but away from the flashing lights and red carpets they have committed some awful crimes. From domestic abuse to murder these are 10 awful crimes committed by famous celebrities.

10 Interesting Facts About Brand Nike

They’ve kitted out some of the world’s best athletes in their sportswear and most of us have literally walked in their shoes. But what do you actually know about this iconic sports brand? Check out these 10 things you didn’t know about Nike. Come on ‘Just Do It’.

The 10 Most Mind-Blowing Paradoxes

Grains of sand, time traveling grandkids, and lottery tickets are all included in one of our most baffling tens yet.
Most of us, most of the time habitually see life through a narrow lens. Limited by our conditioned responses to events, our knowledge about the world and our unwillingness to see things differently. However sometimes as new discoveries are made, new understanding’s come along of the universe, which void what we thought to be true…

10 Crimes Captured on Google Earth Street View

Thieves, tax evaders, and drug dealers have all been captured red handed on Google Earth. With Big Brother, Google watching, no crime is hidden from view. Here are just a few instances of crime and punishment caught on its Street View feature.

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