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10 Strangest Scientists Who Experimented On Themselves

From eating parasites, to severing their own body parts, these 10 crossed the line from genius to insanity in the name of science.

Science is the one thing that changed the course of humans to a brighter path. But there are some who will do anything to prove themselves true and to become successful. This list is about 10 strangest scientists who did bizarre things to prove themselves worthy.

10Tester: Albert Hofmann – 1943

The man who discovered LSD didn´t knows its effects when he first ate it. On a bike ride home, he saw a “kaleidoscopic play of colors” – the world´s first trip.

09Tester: Henry Head – 1903

Head studied pain receptors by severing the radial nerve his left arm. For four years he tested his nerves as they healed – his findings are still used.

08Tester: John Paul Stapp: 1954

“The fastest Man On Earth” strapped himself to a rocket sled and took off at 632 mph. He endured the force of 40Gs, which temporarily blinded him.

07Tester: Werner Forssmann – 1929

Forssmann tricked a nurse into helping him insert a catheter in his arm. He showed it 60 cm through his veins to his heart, in the world´s first cardiac catheterization.

06Tester: Friedrich Serturner – 1803

The 20-year-old German researcher discovered morphine and tested it on himself. After taking 10 times today´s recommended limit, he drank vinegar to vomit out the drug.

05Tester: Herbert Woollard and Edward Garmicheal – 1933

This pair proved pain in organs could be passed to other parts of the body. They did this by strapping one them down and stacking weights on their testicles.

04Tester: Shimesu Koino – 1922

Koino proved that parasitic Ascaris worms could directly infect humans – by swallowing 2.000 eggs. He was so infected that he began coughing up worms from his lungs, but he survived.

03Tester: Ralph Steinman – 2007

When diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Steinman was told he had a 5% chance of living another year. He experimented on his dendritic cells to improve his immune system and lived an extra 4.5 years.

02Tester: Evan O´Neil Kane – 1919,1921,1922

Kane liked performing self-surgery and removed his own finger and appendix. When he was 70 he repaired a hernia in his groin, but died a few months later.

01Tester: Stubins Ffirth – 1804

He bathed in the blood of Yellow Fever victims, drank infected vomit and poured it in his eyes. He wanted to prove that Yellow fever wasn´t contagious – he was wrong, but he lived.
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10 Strangest Scientists Who Experimented On Themselves

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