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10 Starnge Anime Facts

Samurai sword wielding movie makers, fairies made of poop, and fit-inducing kids shows have all made it onto Alltime10s list of strange anime facts.

Japanese culture has its own unique forms of comic books and animation. Manga (comic books) and anime (animation) are extremely popular in Japan. The word “anime” is synonymous with, and often used to describe the art of Japanese animation.  Look at some random facts about anime and manga that you probably didn´t know.

10The first feature-length anime

The first feature-length anime film was WW2 propaganda encouraging kids to celebrate Pearl Harbor. Using actual Pearl harbor footage, “Momotaro´s sea eagles´ shows children and animals destroying “Demon Island”.


A popular anime series follows Unko-san a fairy whose name translates as “Luck-poop”, Popular with teenage girls, he is a piece of poop who brings luck to his poop-friends.

08Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli posted a samurai sword to Harvey Weinstein when he tried to shorten their film, princess Mononoke. The film´s producer sent the sword to the Hollywood head with the note “No cuts” attached to the blade.


Animators use symbolism to accentuate a characters emotions E.G. a popped vein for anger. Nosebleeds indicate sexual arousal-based on a Japanese folk tale that arousal increases blood pressure.

06Astro boy

Legendary “Astro boy” animator Osamu Tezuka pioneered “Big-eyed” anime in the 1950s. He was inspired by Disney animations including Betty Boop and Mickey Mouse.

05“Rascal the Raccoon”

1970s anime series “Rascal the Raccoon” led to a Japanese invasion of aggressive raccoons. Improved for fans to keep as pets, their descendants have overrun Japan causing 300.000 dollar of damage yearly.


The term otaku refers to obsessive fans of anime and manga. In 2010 a fan married his body-sized pillow of character fate Testarossa – he takes it on dates to fun-fars and restaurants.


A 1997 episode of Pokemon triggered 700 seizures in Japanese children – many with no epileptic history. The episode was banned, Pokemon took a month hiatus and its opening was redesigned.


Manga series “Rape-man” followed a character with the moto “righting wrongs through penetration”. Dressed as a Ninja, he rapes women who have dumped their boyfriends.

01Starnge Anime

Anime porn is thought to have begun when urotsukidoji showed a character being by tentacles. It was initially written to get around Japan´s strict censorship laws which banned penises.