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10 Incredible About Time Travel

Bill and Ted, Marty McFly, those guys in the hot tub; time travel seems to belong in the world of fiction, but here are some ideas that might make it a reality in 10 incredible theories about time travel.

Time is perhaps the greatest mystery of all and is deeply wrapped up in our conscious experience of things. For Newton time was absolute, with Einstein time became more flexible and relative in scope. However, no one has been able to fully explain what it is really.

To traverse time, visit the past or to jump ahead to the future: These are concepts so fascinating that they grip the very mind itself, pulling at our imagination with relentless vigor.

„If you were to travel back in time and kill your grandfather, would you not then cease to exist, never having had the chance to be born?“

10Parallel Universe

Quantum mechanics suggests the existence of the “Multiverse” – infinite splitting universes. It eradicates time-travel paradoxes which prevent going back in time, because every conceivable outcome is possible.

09Speed of Light

Time slows down the closer we travel to the speed of light. If you spent 1 year on a train going 99.999% of light speed, 223 years would pass on Earth.

08An Impossible Journey

The only way you can go back in time is by traveling faster than the speed of light. Einstein proved that to do this, you´d need an impossibly infinite amount of energy.

07Tipler Cylinder

An infinitely-long, rotating tunnel, which is 10x the sun´s mass, exists within space-time. If your space-ship entered a tipler cylinder spinning billions of revolutions per minute you´d go back in time.

06Doughnut Vacuum

By manipulating gravitational fields, we can warp matter and create a massive doughnut in space. Traveling round this time loop could send you back to any moment after the doughnut vacuum was created.


Wormholes – tunnels that exist in space-time are shortcuts to the past and future. But these space-time tunnels are so small that only tiny particles of matter can pass through them.

04Black Holes

Black holes are so dense that even time is slowed down by their gravitational pull. If a space-ship orbited a black hole, the crew would experience half the time of people elsewhere.

03Quantum Tunneling

By copying how to electrons move, we can achieve time travel. Moving from A to B without passing through the space in between breaks the light barrier without going at dangerous light-speed.

02Cosmic Strings

Cosmologists discovered mysterious “cracks in the universe” which formed moments after The Big Bang. They´re so dense that if two hit each other, they would warp space and make a time loop.¨

01The “God Particle”

The discovery of CERN´s elusive Higgs boson particle means that light-speed travel might be possible. By “switching off” the Higgs, we could one day “un-mass” objects and time travel.
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