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10 Hollywood Movie Myths everyone believes

Fireballs in space and exploding cosmonauts may look pretty cool on the silver screen, but they’d never happen in real life. Discover the truth with 10 movie myths everyone believes!

10 Interesting Facts about TV Series Friends

It’s been 20 years since we first met Ross, Rachel and the gang. Time to find out the coolest facts you’ve never heard about everyone’s favorite New Yorkers.

10 Most Famous Alien Abductions

Are you sceptical about aliens? Well take a look at these creepily convincing stories of 10 Disturbing Alien Abductions, and you might change your mind.

10 Most Brutal and Deadliest Terrorist Attacks

Terrorists have targeted Mosques, cinemas and schools. Watch the video to discover the 10 Deadliest Terrorist Attacks of all time.

10 Ridiculous and Stupid Myths about Fast Food

Scared you’re eating worms in your burgers and eyeballs in your chicken nuggets? Then put your mind at rest with10 Common Myths about Fast Food.

10 Weird Comic Books

Forget Spider-Man & Batman, have you ever flicked through a copy of Leather Nun? Discover more with 10 Bizarre Comic Books.

10 Best Kept Trade Secrets of all Time

Coca Cola, McDonald’s and KFC are keeping their recipes close to their chests. Find out more about the most protected secrets in the world.

10 Dangerous Banned Toys for Kids

Suffocating hammocks, child-eating dolls and lethal lawn games have all made it into the 10 Banned Toys that Killed Children. Watch the clips discover more about the games you should really avoid at playtime.

10 Wikipedia: Banning policy

Heavy metal music, weed, and radio stations have all been deleted from Wikipedia. Watch the clip to find out what the authorities have tried to stop you learning about.

10 Most Important Vaccines in Human History

Meet the superheroes of modern medicine! Since its creation in 1796, vaccination has been saving millions of lives from gruesome infectious diseases, like smallpox and measles. Deadly pustules, internal bleeding, pneumonia, and coughs so hard that you’ll break ribs. Discover the vaccines that helped you escape death from loads of terrifying diseases.

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