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10 Most Craziest Propaganda Campaigns

Racist board games, fake cities, and battle re-enactments are all real examples of shocking propaganda methods. Discover how far people will go to get you on side with 10 Most Extreme Propaganda Campaigns.

Political propaganda backfires even on master manipulators. Such propaganda fails for various reasons. It generally happens when the people lose faith in the government dictated by a cruel and greedy ruler. In other cases the government attempts to taint the opposition but instead the campaign backfires making the rulers look ridiculous.

10America Attacked

In 2013 North Korea produced a video depicting an attack on U.S. government buildings. The clip claimed the White house was in range of an atomic missile.

09I married communist

A 1949 propaganda film, depicting communists as gangsters and thugs. Potential cast and crew were labeled communists if they refused to work on the production.


In 1978 North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il ordered the kidnap of a South Korean film director and an actress. The South Korean couple were forced to produce pro – North Korea films.

07If day

The Canadian government staged a German invasion to encourage the sale of war bonds. Winnipeg saw a 2 hour battle, before actors dressed as a Nazis arrested citizens and hung swastikas.


A supposedly wealthy fake city built in the 1950s to tempt South Korean defectors to North Korea. They claim 200 people live there. However, the buildings are shells and lights operate on timers.

05Operation Infection

In 1980s the KGB began rumors that the US was to blame for the aids pandemic. They claimed the illness was the result of US biological warfare experiments.

04Flames of War

In September 2014 ISIS released a Hollywood style trailer claiming “fighting has just begun”. Over 52 seconds it shows slow-mo explosions, before the words “coming soon” appear.

03Juden Raus

Published on 1938, a board game where players collected Jews to eject from the board. Players won by moving pieces through gates to pass into Palestine.

02Homophobic film

In 2013 Russia released an anti-gay film claiming same-sex couples adopted children for sex, also stated that gay people will die up to 30 years earlier than heterosexual people.

01Ethnic cleansing

A 2002 video game encouraged players to kill Jewish and black people. Users play as KKK members and black characters make monkey noises when shot.
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