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The moon is the only Earth’s natural satellite and at the same time the closes celestial body, located at an average distance of 384.400 km, so that light from the Moon reaches Earth in 1.25 seconds. The moon is moving around Earth in elliptical path with average speed of 1.02 km/s, and crosses daily arch of 13 degrees and 10 minutes. It is considered that the Moon was created before some 4,5 billion years, after the comet impact.

During impact, a great amount of material was expelled, in Earth orbit which shaped the Moon. First drawing of the Moon was created by Galileo in 1609. The highest point on the Moon is located on the mountain Leibniz, which is located on Moon’s South Pole, where some points reach even 9000 meters. Apart from mountain chains, you can see on the Moon craters and ravines that carry the names of most famous Earth’s scientists. The deepest is Newton crater, with depth of around 7259 m. Those craters are of very large diameter that reach even 200 miles. About this and other interesting information about the Moon, you can find out in this attachment.

10FACT No 10

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin left variety of objects on the moon. Included among these was Yuri Gagarin´s cosmonaut medal.

09FACT No 9

There are 160 missing moon rocks from the Apollo 11 and 17 missions. 0.2 mg of lunar dust was bought for 442.500 dollars.

08FACT No 8

Pizza Hut planned to put their logo onto the moon using lasers. The idea was abandoned when it was discovered the logo would need to be the size of Texas.

07FACT No 7

Apollo 12 crashed a 2.5 ton empty Lunar Module onto the moon. The moon then rang like a bell for an hour, hinting at very strange underground structures.

06FACT No 6

Moonbows, or lunar rainbows, are rainbows caused by light reflecting off the moon. They often appear white, as the light is usually too faint for human eyes.

05FACT No 5

An extreme UV environment on the moon means the flags left there have turned while. The original flag is thought to have been knocked over and reduced to ashes.

04FACT No 4

The moon is actually very dark, with the reflective strength of coal. It reflects LIGHT due to the opposition effect and loses its shadow when directly in line of sight of a light source e.g. the SUN.

03FACT No 3

The first food eaten on the moon was part of Buzz Aldrin´s communion. NASA kept it secret – they had been sued before for reading Genesis as part of the Apollo 8 mission.

02FACT No 2

The moon is moving away from Earth. It spins away at 1.48in a year – the rate your fingernails grow.

01FACT No 1

We are still unsure how the moon was formed. It could have become trapped in Earth´s orbit or a MARS – size rock crashed with Earth breaking away the moon, or the moon formed alongside the Earth.