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10 Sensational Historical Events That Are Actually Myths

What major historical events that some people claim didn’t happen at all? We separate fact from fiction with 10 famous historical events that didn’t really happen. How did the Vietnam War start? Find out the truth here.

10 Weird Nonsensical Laws from All Over the World

Thinking of jumping off the Empire State Building? Or maybe you’re a Minnesota woman planning on dressing up as Santa Claus this December? Then you’d better think again, or you might just end up in jail thanks to these 10 Crazy Nonsensical from Around the World.

10 Worst Child Crimes in History

Brutal murderers and sadistic torturers appear on this list. Prepare to be shocked as we introduce you to some of the world’s youngest killers in 10 Worst Children in History.

10 Famous Scientists Killed by Their Own Experiments

They’ve plunged to their deaths, been irradiated and suffocated, all in the name of science. Meet the 10 Scientists who’ve killed themselves during their own experiments.

10 Common Activities That Are Banned in North Korea

If your next vacation is to North Korea then you might want to cross these activities off your itinerary…driving, drinking, and making phone calls are just a few of the things that can land you in prison if you perform them in the DPRK.

10 Crazy Bizarre and Secret Societies

There’s more to these societies than passwords, secret handshakes, and hazing. Find out which crazy societies are cannibals, forbid childbirth, and perform magic spells on horses…
Secret societies like THE ILLUMINATI and the Freemasons always seem to get the limelight. However, a good number of lesser-known groups have their own strange stories to tell that make them just as interesting as their more famous counterparts

10 Frightening Internet Murderers

We hail the internet for its ability to connect us with others from around the world..But scarily it can also be a tool for murderers to find their unsuspecting victims. There are also killers and deaths that happen today, mediated by the internet, that the law is coming to recognize as something we’ve never seen before.

10 Strange Things Banks Do With Your Money

Bankers aren’t too popular these days, but causing the credit crunch is just one of the many reprehensible things they’ve done. Forcing people from their homes, destroying the rainforest and financing the arms trade all feature in 10 Unethical Things Banks Do With Your Money.

10 Ways To Get Arrested For Using The Internet

Thing your safe behind your computer screen? Well think again. Watch the clip to discover the people who’ve been arrested for tweeting, skyping, and face-booking with 10 Surprising Ways to Get Arrested Online.

10 strangest news stories in 2014

From a Toddler Fight Club to a man who thought he was Jack Bauer while High on LSD 2014 has been a very weird for news check out our top 10 Weirdest NEWS stories of 2014.

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